I would like to thank Rebecca for her brilliant speech session this morning. She was able to keep my son’s attention and motivation so well and he even smiled throughout the session. Her IT skills are brilliant which enabled the zoom session to run smoothly. She was full of praise for my son and we both learnt a lot. Her lovely manner and preparation prior to the session is much appreciated.

Our Happy-talk Therapist has worked very well training EYFS staff and supports them each week. She has also supported school by contributing to TAC and EHCP meetings. It is evident that school has many benefits from the Happy Talk Therapists expertise and long may this continue.

We are walking on air today (or rather I am). Busting with pride, happiness and hope. I remember talking to you on the phone and begging you to help me. The progress our son has made since mid- November has been huge. Today watching our son & Kirsty interacting brought tears to my eyes.  It’s one thing interacting with me and close family but to interact with someone he has met once in such a way is another huge leap.

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