Should families or other interested parties wish to contact “Happy Talk”, a free confidential consultation service is available on 01253 275288, mobile: 07983587528,

Speech and Language Therapy for families

What can you expect?

  • Assessment and a brief report- Initial assessment can take place at home or at the Happy Talk Centre. Initial assessment can take from one to one and a half hours in total. Following the assessment, families will receive a brief summary report of the assessment and initial recommendations for therapy.
  • Detailed reports are available, particularly useful for a review of progress.
  • Home visits can be requested for the initial assessment and for therapy sessions. Therapy sessions taking place at home will incur additional cost due to time and travel.
  • Appointments at Happy Talk take place in our therapy room. Appointments last from 45 minutes to 1hour.

Happy Talk Service Agreement – Parent/Carer

Speech and Language Therapy for organisations 

Speech and Language Therapy Training

  • Happy Talk can provide schools and early years’ settings with a range of training options in speech, language and communication. We offer certificate, accredited or bespoke training packages. Link to Training Courses

Adult Learning

  • Periodically Happy Talk provides awareness raising sessions for individuals who wish to work with / support childrens speech, language and communication. Link to Adult Learning

Happy Talk Website Facility

  • Use of these facilities is available to families and practitioners who are in receipt of speech and language therapy services from Happy Talk S.A.L.T. Ltd