For families and educational settings who wish to access our remote services we offer Telehealth which has proven to be effective in meeting the speech language and communication needs of our children and young people.

Telehealth is where we can connect with you online via a PC, laptop or tablet using a platform such as Zoom.

We have effectively used this remote way of delivering our services in order to:

Our innovative and experienced Speech and Language Therapists create a fun learning environment.

How do I contact Happy Talk?

To find out more or book an online therapy sessions, contact us via:

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Telehealth Reviews

“My son, age 7, has been having weekly speech therapy with Rebecca from Happy Talk for 18 months. These have been zoom sessions which have worked brilliantly for our convenience. My son has made amazing progress and I can’t thank Rebecca enough.
She has made every session fun as well as teaching my son how to produce essential sounds and how to talk smoothly. Rebecca took a keen interest in my sons likes, dislikes and school topics. She quickly incorporated racing cars, footballers, space and pictures of his favourite toys into her entertaining slide shows and stories. She knew how to keep my son motivated even when he was feeling tired and always had him smiling throughout the sessions. Rebecca’s bubbly personality enabled my son and I to soon develop friendly conversations with her regarding our home life and weekly routines. My son would happily engage in conversations regarding any activities he’d done that week before Rebecca started her session with him.
Rebecca has always been there for me to contact about any new or long-standing concerns. Her reports regarding my sons speech showed her highly professional knowledge and understanding regarding severe speech disorders.
My son is now in a position where he can be discharged from Happy Talk. We will miss our regular sessions with Rebecca but we will definitely contact Happy talk again if we need any additional help in the future”

Parent January 2022